How we got started
    I personally started selling automotive after market lights in 2001. Back then it was a different market. As the manager at Dunrite Auto, we specialized in tuners and Underglow was the hype. Although still selling off-road lights, the under carriage lights were by far our best sellers. Bringing in multiple brands is ideal to give the consumers more choices, but as a shop offering installation and solid warranties, we chose select brands that met our standards. 
   The same applies today. The technology has vastly improved but poor workmanship and corners’ being cut for higher profits still exists. We believe every light bar should come standard with crucial parts such as; a waterproof plug, a proper pressure release vent to prevent any condensation, and of course CERTIFIED L.E.D. chips and drivers such as Cree, Philips and Osram.     
     When my wife Candice first got ill in 2014 we knew we had to bring in some extra income when she stepped down from her teaching position at a local Montessori school. Although highly educated and having volunteered her way into a full-time position, her illness would no longer allow her to work along side children. 
     Although myself having a career in the landscaping industry and working my way to the number two position With 13 years at one of the largest companies around, we live in an economy where one income is challenging to comfortably support a family. We then came to a crossroad, either we had to sell some of our toys or we had to start making money off of them. 
       I had already started Loki The Monster Jeep which at the time was just a Facebook page where I posted off-road videos. We had grown to a point where our videos were reaching tens of thousands of views a week and we decided we should be selling something. With LED lighting being the craze at the time and with so much garbage on the market, we ordered lights from dozens of manufacturers and brands from all around the world. We seen it all, from poor connections and low-grade LED chips to overnight condensation. We needed products to last, we weren’t looking for short term money. 
       That’s when we decided to start sampling products from the big companies. We got a lot of awesome products from a lot of the major brands and what we found was Speed Demon Lights, being Canadian made it much more economical with no duties and a whole lot faster when it comes to shipping. Then of course there is their industry leading warranty, with most other companies offering a 1-5 year warranty Speed Demon covers their lights for life. They are also always pumping out new products using cutting edge technology releasing brighter lights all the time. 
       We knew we wanted to expand into lockers, I mean, lockers before light bars right? After building up our name as only selling high quality products we knew we only wanted the best. With Torq Masters manufacturing 100% in the states we knew we wanted Aussie Lockers. Another company which stands above the others. With no loop hole warranties, fantastic customer support and something that’s important to me, OWNERS WHO OFF-ROAD! From king of the hammers to ultra 4 these guys are out to build the best. We love dealing with the companies we work with and when we branch into other products you can bet they will be a cut above the rest. Now get outside and #DemolishDarkness