I personally started selling automotive after market lights in 2001. Back then it was a different market. As the manager at Dunrite Auto, we specialized in tuners and Underglow was the hype. Although still selling off-road lights, the under carriage lights were by far our best sellers. Bringing in multiple brands is ideal to give the consumers more choices, but as a shop offering installation and solid warranties, we chose select brands that met our standards.    The same applies today. The technology has vastly improved but poor workmanship and corners’ being cut for higher profits still exists. We believe every light bar should come standard with crucial parts such as; a waterproof plug, a fastener on the wire securely attaching to the light housing, a proper pressure release vent to expel any condensation, and of course CERTIFIED L.E.D. chips and drivers such as Cree, Philips and Epistar. When it comes to brands of lights, we have sampled dozens. We still choose stick to select brands that not only manufacture high quality products but also have a solid warranty they stand behind.  We love many things about Speed Demon Lights, they’re also Canadian, they have over 200 Lifetime Warrantied lights, fast shipping and of course excellent prices.    My wife and I are now both avid Jeepers. Both growing up on Vancouver Island B.C. The great outdoors is truly nothing short of great here. I have always been into off-roading. When we first met I had a red TJ dubbed “The Radio Flyer” When I asked her if she had ever been “wheeling” she replied “of course” I’ll never forget our first trip out and we got to the first obstacle. “You’re joking right!?” she nervously exclaimed. Three weeks later she traded her Kia for a new Jeep Wrangler. Ever since then we have been treading lightly all over the back woods together. With not many options on our beautiful Island for quaility after-market parts we decided to make it easier for local and surrounding consumers to aquire off-road “goodies.” With great realationships now made with quailty manufacturers we are expanding into new products.      Starting with Aussie Locker, the 100% Made In USA Auto Locker. Here again, we could sell you a Chinese made Locker (and make more money) however a “No Loop Hole Warranty” with no limits on horsepower or tire sizes makes for much happier customers. The last thing we want is to have to say “Oh 35’s eh? Yeah, you’re not covered.”    We’re not done yet either, more to come and soon!…Stay Tuned!! 

Maximizing Your Off-Road Experience

Our humble beginnings find us as a couple of off-road enthusiasts who love to travel unpaved terrains as a hobby. We do love cars, and we’re not new to the industry. Our company, Loki Lights, started with selling car lights back in 2001.

Tuners and underglow lights were all the rage back then so most of our featured products were of that kind. Experiencing the evolution and growth of the automotive accessory industry, we decided to stay ahead of the game and research into the demand trends for car enthusiasts.

Our passion has taken us to new heights, and now we carry a wide range of lighting accessories both for daily and off-road vehicles. We have also expanded our offered products to include other essential equipment for off-road use. Today, underglow and off-road lighting are our shop’s best-sellers.

How We Choose Our Brands

Selling off-road accessories is a niche market. There’s already an established community of enthusiasts and drivers in different parts of the world. Being part of this group gave us an idea to create a community-driven store.

We want to be a company that puts the customer first and foremost. That’s why we have gathered all the brands that are recommended by the experts and trusted by the community. One of our goals is to have a wide selection of products, featuring the best and latest innovations in the market.

We do not offer any accessory that we haven’t tried and tested out on the road. What we sell is what we use as well. We assure you that we went through a handful of items to save you time and effort. You’re guaranteed to get only the finest and top-of-the-line accessories from elite brands. All our products come with secure warranties and have passed strict quality control standards.

Expanding the Off-Road Community

As off-road enthusiasts, we want to share our passion. This is what we love, and we aim to give newbies the essential basics to help them with their off-road journey. We believe that Canada’s unpaved terrains have great potential to be explored by locals and tourists alike.

On top of educating first-timers in off-road activities, we also want to do our part in sharing valuable insights on responsible driving to ensure that our natural environment is safe and secure. Start your adventure with us today and have your car fitted by the experts.

Explore Our Website

Check out the wide range of products we offer here at Loki Lights. We’ve got featured items from well-known brands such as Speed Demon Lights and Aussie Locker. We continue to remain uncompromised on our goals of offering high-quality products to ensure that you have the ultimate off-road experience.

We aim to serve and support the community of off-roaders so you can continue to do what you love – exploring the great outdoors – for a long time. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.