Loki Lights: Car essentials

Make sure you have everything you need when you’re on the go. The car essentials that you need to know are the following:

Fuel Filter – Replace your fuel filter to make sure your car is running smoothly and your engine is performing well.

Wiper Blades – Keep your windshield clean with a set of wiper blades.

Tire Rotation – If you’re looking for new tires, you should rotate them.

Battery – You need a good battery to keep your car running.

Battery Charger – A battery charger is important to keep your battery charged and running at its best.

Oil – Oil is essential to keep your engine running smoothly.

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Loki Lights: Latest thing about driving to know

Be a more knowledgeable person when you learn the latest things and updates about driving here at Loki Lights. Find out now when you read it here! The latest thing you need to know about driving with complete descriptions are:

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What is a parking light?

A parking light is a lamp which is mounted on the front of the vehicle, usually on the bumper or in the front grille, and is used to illuminate the road at night.

It was originally developed to help a driver park the car, but has since evolved into a general safety aid.

There are many types of parking lights, such as:

Fluorescent, incandescent, halogen and xenon.

Fluorescent and incandescent parking lights are the most common, and the most common type of lamp used in parking lights.

Halogen parking lights are bright, but can be dangerous to use. They contain a halogen gas which is extremely hot, and is dangerous if it comes into contact with skin.

Xenon parking lights are also bright, but much safer to use. They are a high-pressure gas, which means they are less likely to break.

Why are parking lights necessary?

Many accidents happen at night.

The Laws

The laws are pretty simple to understand. You are only allowed to drive with a license and you must be over 21 years of age. You are also required to have insurance, and you must also carry your license, insurance card and proof of vehicle ownership.

The license must be displayed in the vehicle. The license must be valid and not expired. If your license is expired, you will not be able to drive. If you don’t have a license, you will not be able to drive.

The registration must be displayed in the vehicle. It must be valid and not expired. If your registration is expired, you will not be able to drive.

The proof of vehicle ownership must be displayed in the vehicle. It must be valid and not expired. If your registration is expired, you will not be able to drive.

If you are going to drive in a school zone, you must be able to show the police that you have a permit. If you do not have a permit, you will not be allowed to drive in the school zone.

If you are going to drive in a residential zone, you must be able to show the police that you have a permit.

Loki Lights: Top 5 safety rules for off-road driving

One of the greatest adventures you’ll ever experience in your life is off-road driving. You conquer rough trails in remote locations, experience nature in the best way and hone your problem-solving skills along the way. Since it’s a lot different from regular driving, it can develop your driving capabilities and make you a better driver.

Despite the excitement that comes with four-wheeling, there are plenty of risks you need to consider. When you become too reckless, you may end up getting into an accident and harm people in the process. 

For safe off-road driving, make sure to follow these safety measures at all times:

Drive with a buddy

Driving with a group of friends does not only improve the fun, but it can make the experience a lot safer. Make sure that you drive with a buddy so you have extra help if you ever get stuck. They will serve as your all-in-one co-pilot who can be a spotter, DJ and a navigator as you drive around unfamiliar trails.

Bring survival gear

When it comes to off-road driving, unexpected things can happen. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you pack survival gear with you. This includes first-aid kits, personal essentials like food and water, spare tires and safety glasses, among other things.

You should also bring a spot headlamp in case your vehicle malfunctions in the dark. Having a flashlight that you don’t have to hold with both hands can make it easier for you to troubleshoot your car. Also, don’t forget to bring a repair kit!

Be realistic

To prevent yourself from getting into accidents, be realistic and drive within your comfort zone. Don’t do something you know you’re not capable of doing. This means staying away from challenging trails and mountains that you’re not supposed to handle. However, if you want to make things more challenging, practice and get some experience first.

Stay inside

In off-road driving, every part of your body must stay inside, especially your arms and legs. Keep in mind that you have to go through narrow passageways. If you fail to follow this instruction, your arms may get caught in trees, rocks or cliff walls.

Moreover, make sure that you don’t grab the roll bar. If ever a roll-over happens, your fingers will end up crushed and badly injured. 

Take a break

If you feel too tired and nauseated when driving, you should take a break. Off-road driving requires a great deal of concentration, so let someone else drive or pull over for a while.

Do not ever try to force it. When you continue to drive even if you feel dizzy, it can lead to an accident, and worse, death. Drive safe!

Five crucial safety tips for nighttime off-roading

Many people drive off-road at night due to work as trail patrollers or rescuers. Other times, skilled pleasure drivers just wish to see their favourite trail at night. Regardless of your intention, off-roading at night comes with a few risks. Here are five tips to keep yourself safe before venturing off-pavement in the dark of night.

Travel in pairs and separate vehicles

One of the appeals of off-road trails is the rarity of other vehicles that cross them. You can enjoy the peace that is completely void of the sound of a roaring engine that you always hear in the city. However, this also means that nobody will stop to help you if your car breaks down. Having a buddy driver on a separate vehicle ensures that someone can tow your jeep back to civilization. Likewise, you can be the one who helps them, instead. 

Drive slow and be mindful of the ground

Loki Lights is proud of the quality of its fog lights but the human mind may not be fast enough to react to suddenly losing the road. Off-road trails can be unpredictable as your path may be crossed suddenly by a wild animal. Alternatively, you may not realize that you are driving straight to a cliff’s edge or a riverbank. It is also possible for non-paved roads to have a sunken spot that is caused by the weather. Always keep your eyes on the road and drive slowly so you can stop immediately if necessary.

Study your route and landmarks that you expect to see

No matter how familiar you are with your favourite trail, you have to discuss what lies ahead with your driving partner. There may be changes to the trail that you weren’t aware of or you may know a safer path that your driving partner missed. Developing your expectations before the ride makes it easier to navigate through the night. Remember that you don’t have vision over the horizon at night so your only guides are nearby landmarks.

Share your plans with someone 

Besides you and your partner, you should disclose your plans with somebody who will stay in civilization. It could be your parents, spouse, children, or colleagues. This information should include your route and expected time of arrival at your destination. They can start looking for you if you are missing and they have lost contact with you. 

Look for potential parking spaces if it rains

Driving on a dirt road during a rainy night can be dangerous because the muddy road may be too slippery than what you are used to. Likewise, it is possible to get your tires stuck in the mud which you can only escape from if you are using a 4-wheel drive or have someone to tow you out. Loki Lights suggests finding places to park where you can wait for the rain to subside.

Loki Lights: Must-have car accessories for off-roading

Loki Lights: Must-have car accessories for off-roading

Off-roading is a fun and thrilling experience that is perfect for adrenaline-seeking people. But just like any other activity, having the right and complete gear will greatly benefit your experience and ensure your safety.

Here in Canada, there’s no better place to get your car accessories than here in Loki Lights! We provide everything you need for your off-road adventures! From lighting to lockers, we are your one-stop shop for gear and equipment. 

To help you get started, here are some of the most essential car accessories for off-roading:

Tire repair kit

Before setting out on your riding session, you should make sure that your ride is equipped with the proper off-road tires. Regular road tires won’t do well in that kind of terrain because they would be easily damaged and difficult to control which can lead to accidents. 

Aside from being equipped with the appropriate tires, you should also bring a tire repair kit with you at all times. 

Off-roading leaves your tires prone to different elements that can easily damage them such as rocks and other sharp objects. Having a repair kit with you lets you be ready for those kinds of situations. 

Spot headlamp

One of the things that Loki Lights is known for is our lighting installations for different vehicles. However, there are times where you would also need a personal source of light in case you need to check under the hood of your car or at the tires. 

When that time comes, the perfect choice for you is a spot headlamp. Wearing a headlamp instead of holding a flashlight gives you the benefit of being able to use both of your hands as you’re trying to fix something in your vehicle. Some people opt to hold the flashlight with their mouth and although it’s possible, we wouldn’t recommend it.


The off-roading environment contains muddy or sandy terrains that your vehicle is bound to get stuck in. In the case of that happening (which it probably will), a winch will come in handy. 

Your winch is a lifesaver because it can get you out of any sticky situation. All you have to do is hook the cable wire to something sturdy and all that’s it! All you have to do is wait and watch as your vehicle gets towed.

Air compressor kit

We can’t stress how important it is to bring an air compressor kit every time you set out for off-roading. One of the requirements of driving off-road is having the correct tyre pressure and this tool greatly helps in achieving that.

Air compressor kits allow you to deflate or inflate your tyres depending on the situation and the vehicle that you’re driving. Nonetheless, off-road driving requires you to have a lower tyre pressure than driving on the road. 

Hi-lift jack

The hi-lift jack is one of the most useful and convenient tools that you could bring on your off-road journey. It is a sturdy piece of metal that can help lift your car in case you need to repair something underneath it. 

This tool requires little effort to set up and it saves you from getting squashed under your vehicle.

Loki Lights: Different car lights

Getting familiar with all the functions of the lights in your vehicle is essential to your safety and other drivers alike. In this article, you will have the chance to learn all about the different types of car headlights, when, and how to use them. Read to learn more!


Headlights are located at the front of your vehicle. It allows the driver to see the roadway in the dark, while also signalling to other motorists that the car is present. There are two types of headlights:

  • Low beams are usually the headlights that are used on a normal night time driving. One of its main functions is to provide adequate lighting without reducing your visibility of oncoming traffic. 
  • High beams are headlights that provide an intense, centre-weighted distribution of light that is commonly used in rural areas with little to no light. Moreover, it allows you to see a long stretch of the road. 


Located in the rear edge of the vehicle, tail lights allow other drivers to assess the size and shape of your car. It also contains a safety feature that lets you drive safely even through foggy weather.

Daytime running lights

Daytime running lights are located from the front and rear of the car. It is known to remain open whenever the engine is running. However, you also have the choice to turn it off if you want. 

Fog lights

Fog lights are located below the headlights. These are generally just an alternative option if your headlights are unable to illuminate the road during cloudy weather conditions. 

Driving lamps. 

Located inside the vehicle, driving lamps are used to help passengers and drivers to safely check maps, or find lost items in the car.

Signal lights. 

Signal lights, also known as the ‘blinkers’ or ‘turn signals’, are a wonderful feature that alarms other drivers when they’re changing lanes. These lights are required by the law to keep on at all times—to prevent any accidents from happening.

Brake lights. 

Brake lights are located at the rear side of your vehicle. This lets the other drivers know that you are slowing down or stopping. These are normally activated when you apply the brakes you don’t need to worry about misusing them.

Hazard lights. 

Located in the front and back of the vehicle, hazard lights are the ones who send out a warning signal if there is an immediate danger that is happening on the road. This can inform other drivers that you have a problem.

Loki Lights: Top LED signal lights

One of the most efficient ways to communicate with other drivers is through the use of signal lights. Whether you want to go to the side of the street, park or change lanes, all of this can be done by informing them through your signal bulbs. 

Unfortunately, there are some signal lights that are hard to notice—which can cause accidents as a result. If you’re having problems like this and want to replace your standard turn signal bulbs with something brighter, then definitely check out our LED turn signal lights we have here at Loki Lights!

Keep in mind that many of these products have similar features, so we do highlight the ‘LED chips’ and any other unique features a specific product may have. 

Antline LED turn signal bulbs $16.99

Product details:

  • Antline LED turn signal bulbs have the power of 1000 lumens(light visibility) of brightness per bulb—which makes it highly visible even during the day. Aside from its amazing specs, its lifespan is about 30,000 that also comes with a one-year warranty. This particular product features 33 pieces of 2835 LED chips with 360-degree lighting and a simple design for easy plug-and-play installation. This is best applied for vehicles such as passenger cars, vans, SUVs and trucks.
  • Compared to other products in this category, these products do not use aluminium housing or a projector-lens. This is easy to install, but we do suggest asking a friend or family member for assistance to make the process faster.

Technical Details

  • Manufacturer Antline
  • Item weight 0.634 ounces
  • Product dimensions 1.63 x 0.83 x 0.83 inches
  • Is discontinued by manufacturer No
  • Manufacturer part number 3157-2835-33SMD-Yellow

Alla Lighting LED turn signal bulbs

Product details

  • Alla Lighting LED turn signal bulbs is one of the most popular items that our customers usually buy here at Loki Lights. It features different LED turn signal bulbs in white, yellow, or red colours. Moreover, it has 39 pieces of 2835 LED chips per bulb with 360-degree, full angle illumination with a projector lens design. It also has the power of 1000 lumens(light visibility) of brightness per bulb—which makes it highly visible even during the day. What makes this a good catch is due to lower power consumption and longer life. This is best applied for vehicles such as passenger cars and SUVs.
  • Aside from its various qualities, it is equipped with a built-in sensor for more stable performance and heat dissipation. Moreover, you will also receive a one-year warranty if any defects occur. This is easy to install, but we still suggest asking a friend or family member for help to make the process faster. 

Technical details

  • Manufacturer Alla Lighting
  • Item weight 1.58 ounces
  • Product dimension 2 x 0.7 x 0.7 inches
  • Item model number 3156 3157 LED Amber Signal Lights Bulbs
  • Is discontinued by manufacturer No

Loki Lights: Factors to consider when picking an off-road light

Loki Lights: Factors to consider when picking an off-road light 

Lights are one of the most essential car parts. It is important to pick the right kind of off-road lights for your vehicle because it can help you a lot, especially if you often are driving at nighttime or in harsh weather conditions. 

Here are some of the factors that you should consider when selecting one:


One of the first things you should consider when choosing your off-road lights is the design that you prefer. This comes in either round or rectangular designs and sizes. Usually, the round-shaped lights can range between five to nine inches in diameter. 

While for the rectangular ones, they can either be 5 x 7 inches or 6 x 9 inches. You can also opt to have both if you like. 

Bulb type 

Choosing a bulb type may be tricky but Loki Lights got you covered. These are the top three famous kinds of bulbs that you should consider: 

  • Halogen off-road lights

If you don’t always go off-road or seldom drive at night, an affordable choice would be halogen off-road lights. Although their range of visibility is not that efficient, these are easy to find and are less expensive. 

  • LED off-road lights

LED off-road lights are the latest type of bulbs. They only use 1/10th of the amount of energy that halogen bulbs usually use. Compared to other kinds of bulbs, these are more compact and durable which can last for a longer time. 

Moreover, they are more stylish since they come in different colours and shapes. This is a good bulb choice for off-roaders. 

  • HID off-road lights 

The type that has one of the best illuminating capability are the HID off-road lights. They shine twice as far as LED lights. These are suitable for those who are more focused on the range of visibility for your car’s off-road lighting. 

Additionally, these are useful for those who love to travel at high speeds during nighttime. 


Although there are still several other factors to consider when choosing your off-road light such as the beam pattern, mounting position and more, the most important one to keep in mind is your budget. You should set aside a fixed amount for your car’s lights. 

To avoid overspending on certain car parts, you can ask Loki Lights for more details about it. We would gladly accommodate any of your queries about the most suitable lighting for your vehicle. 

Shop here in Loki Lights!

Loki Lights has the best products that are suitable for off-road lighting. We have a variety of products available such as the following: 

  • Speed Demon 4PACK Silver Ops Pod Lights 
  • Speed Demon Jeep Wrangler 4 inch black OPS Replacement Fog Light Pair
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