Loki Lights: Must-have car accessories for off-roading

Loki Lights: Must-have car accessories for off-roading

Off-roading is a fun and thrilling experience that is perfect for adrenaline-seeking people. But just like any other activity, having the right and complete gear will greatly benefit your experience and ensure your safety.

Here in Canada, there’s no better place to get your car accessories than here in Loki Lights! We provide everything you need for your off-road adventures! From lighting to lockers, we are your one-stop shop for gear and equipment. 

To help you get started, here are some of the most essential car accessories for off-roading:

Tire repair kit

Before setting out on your riding session, you should make sure that your ride is equipped with the proper off-road tires. Regular road tires won’t do well in that kind of terrain because they would be easily damaged and difficult to control which can lead to accidents. 

Aside from being equipped with the appropriate tires, you should also bring a tire repair kit with you at all times. 

Off-roading leaves your tires prone to different elements that can easily damage them such as rocks and other sharp objects. Having a repair kit with you lets you be ready for those kinds of situations. 

Spot headlamp

One of the things that Loki Lights is known for is our lighting installations for different vehicles. However, there are times where you would also need a personal source of light in case you need to check under the hood of your car or at the tires. 

When that time comes, the perfect choice for you is a spot headlamp. Wearing a headlamp instead of holding a flashlight gives you the benefit of being able to use both of your hands as you’re trying to fix something in your vehicle. Some people opt to hold the flashlight with their mouth and although it’s possible, we wouldn’t recommend it.


The off-roading environment contains muddy or sandy terrains that your vehicle is bound to get stuck in. In the case of that happening (which it probably will), a winch will come in handy. 

Your winch is a lifesaver because it can get you out of any sticky situation. All you have to do is hook the cable wire to something sturdy and all that’s it! All you have to do is wait and watch as your vehicle gets towed.

Air compressor kit

We can’t stress how important it is to bring an air compressor kit every time you set out for off-roading. One of the requirements of driving off-road is having the correct tyre pressure and this tool greatly helps in achieving that.

Air compressor kits allow you to deflate or inflate your tyres depending on the situation and the vehicle that you’re driving. Nonetheless, off-road driving requires you to have a lower tyre pressure than driving on the road. 

Hi-lift jack

The hi-lift jack is one of the most useful and convenient tools that you could bring on your off-road journey. It is a sturdy piece of metal that can help lift your car in case you need to repair something underneath it. 

This tool requires little effort to set up and it saves you from getting squashed under your vehicle.