Customer rides

Here are a few of our customers rides and reviews!

This YJ is set up with some Speed Demon 4pack Pods. (With covers to keep him legal)

Tow rigs need light too! This 3500 is ready to demolish darkness while reversing with a set of Speed Demon Black Ops Pods

A year later after having duallies throw mud and road grime directly at them. 

 These Lights have had a very hard year, no issues to date which is great since this is a work truck and down time costs $$

This 4Runner is ready to Terrorize Twilight with the Speed Demon 30″ Curved DRCX 

The JKU known as Xena is ready for nightfall with a set of Speed Demon Infinity Pods

– The power of 17 suns! EACH! 

Another jeep is set up for some night trips with this 12″ Speed Demon 

 “LOVE these flood lights…. didn’t realize how ‘dim’ my headlights really were until I turned these wicked lights ON… I highly recommend Loki Lights to all my friends!!  ( they even work while rippin’ thru puddles when we go wheelin’)… :)” 

This pathfinder is now equipped to find new paths, anytime.

Great shot submitted by a fellow Cherokee with his new Speed Demon Economy 20″ 

This very nice Mustang GT has some extremely upgraded Speed Demon fog lights!

-Super easy install and work flawlessly! 

Amber covers for the snow and fog.