Here’s a few common questions explained.

Q. Why Aussie Locker*?

A. 100% Made in the USA  

Torq-Masters Industries Inc. is proud to announce that their new lockers are 100% made in the USA to their exacting specifications.  The steel for all parts come from USA steel mills. The manufacturing is 100% done in Rochester, New York in a modern and ISO  qualified machine facility. Heat treatment is per Torque-Masters specifications in a world class  Rochester, NY facility.

If Made In USA is part of your buying decision, demand that the suppler provide a statement that 100% of all parts are made in the USA from USA raw materials and labor and that the certification is provided without qualifications. The Torq-Masters Aussie Locker* is 100% USA from start to finish.

Q. What locker do I need?  

A. First you need to identify which axles you have refer to the chart below. It’s always best to find your BOM to find out exactly what axles you have, an example of Loki’s D35 is below. Once located you can enter it Here to find out exactly what Dana axle you have 

Q. Why Speed Demon Lights? 

A. We have tested lights from all over the world. Speed Demon is Canadian, eliminating duties and extra taxes resulting in more light for you and for less money.  What Speed Demon has over many other light dealers is patents. Patented reflectors allowing more light to be used, cleaner and brighter. Speed Demon also uses cutting edge technology as it evolves, like the new Infinity Series. Water proof ratings that excel to the highest possible IP69K. All wrapped together with an industry leading Warranty. Economy models for the weekend warrior who wants to stay out longer. DRC, DRA and Infinity Series for competitions, cross-country and construction, when light faliure is NOT an option. Speed Demon offers a light for every level and budget.