A Thrilling Off-Road Adventure Awaits

Off-road adventure is one of the best ways to explore new or familiar terrains. If you’re in for some thrill in your life, off-roading is the way to go. You’ve come to the right place for the best equipment and accessories for your cars.

For us, we want to equip your car with top-of-the-line products. At Loki Lights, we believe you must have the right accessories to make your adventure and driving experience better. This is your one-stop-shop for high-quality lights and lockers for your off-road needs. Many drivers would certify that our equipment is the best in the market today.

If this is your first time outfitting your truck or Jeep with off-road lights, you might want to know first what are the available types you could choose from. To get you started, here’s an overview of the light options we have in our store.
Choosing the Right Lighting Equipment
It really depends on your subjective requirements and off-road needs. You can choose from a variety of lights that suit your lifestyle and budget. No matter how you use them, adding lighting is essential to give your truck or Jeep an enhanced function and an upgraded look.

Your off-road light options can be categorized according to light beam patterns, bulb types and mounting positions. If you have no idea what these are, we’ll explain them one by one so you’ll know what to buy for your car.
Types of light patterns
Driving lights

Your cars are initially fitted with headlights, but these will prove inadequate for your off-road adventure. Safety should be your top priority when driving especially in dark, unpaved terrain. Adding driving lights will safeguard you from accidents by lighting up a larger and wider land area in front of you. With greater visibility, you can confidently tread into any road conditions ahead.


Floodlights can light up a wider area within a short distance. This quality makes it a great addition or supplement to your existing lights, though it’s not preferred as stand-alone lighting.

Their optimum use is for off-road driving at night where you need a wider scope of land to be visible. They can also be used for work situations in outdoor spaces.


Spotlights are best used for lighting up well-paved roads with no obstructions on the side of the road. Their light beam can reach up to a farther distance than floodlights. Their limitation is they’re incapable of giving a broader view of nearby areas.

They’re also great for use in racing tracks, farming and commercial activities. Using spotlights on highways may not be allowed in some countries so make sure that you know the lighting regulations where you’re driving.

Fog lights
It’s difficult to drive in low visibility conditions and weathers so installing fog lights are useful. Most mid-range to luxury car models have these pre-installed, but some countries require car companies to install them in newer models regardless of specs.
Mounting position
The perfect place to mount your lights all depends on the type of light pattern you’ll get. Here are some recommended positions for each type.

Driving lights

Most drivers would mount their driving lights onto their stock or off-road bumper, and this is generally the best place to allow for optimum lighting. But if you want additional illumination, you can also add them to a roof rack. Just make sure not to use them in residential or commercial streets due to their strong lights and for the safety of other drivers.


Since they illuminate a greater distance ahead, it’s best to install spotlights on top of your jeep or truck. For your safety, driving at appropriate speeds will lessen your risks of accidents due to unforeseen road obstructions.

Flood and fog lights

You should install your flood and fog lights on the front bumper below your headlights. This will ensure greater visibility. Having them mounted low will also lessen the amount of light reflecting off the fog, making it easy to see ahead.

Light bars

There are a few places ideal for mounting light bars. The front bumper is one of these locations mainly because some cars are fitted with provisions here for light bar mounting. In addition to its easy installation in this area, the light bar adds aesthetic value to your vehicle.

Another popular choice is above the windshield. Light bar of any size can fit here. Mounting it properly will require effort and time as it requires extra drilling. Light bars can also be mounted in the grills and lower windshield pillar. Placing it in different locations can maximize their lighting capacity in any conditions, and again, your car will definitely catch attention.
Types of bulb
Halogen lights are standard use in most cars, trucks and 4-wheel drives (4WD). If you do not frequently do off-road travels, this is the best type to go for. They’re cheap and easy to find compared to other bulb types.

Its downside is it uses a huge amount of energy (70 or more watts to produce 2,000 lumens), but is not capable of emitting as much light as the high-intensity discharge (HID) or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs. Despite its limits, halogen lights can still be used for various purposes.

High-intensity discharge lights (HID)

European cars have long used HID light bulbs for headlights and other lighting provisions. If you’d like to travel at high speeds during the night, this bulb type can help illuminate properly the road ahead. Only using 40 watts or lower, it can generate up to 3,000 lumens, meaning it’s really bright and can light up twice the distance of an LED light.

It can be used for a long time because its average life is twice as long as halogen lights. You have to pay a steep price for its lighting capacity, but it’s worth it in the long run. You’ll save up more on fuel and battery usage.

Light-emitting diode lights (LED)

This bulb type generally lasts longer and is energy-saving than other types. More people are now opting for LED headlights than halogens because of its white light compared to the yellowish light in most standard vehicles.

If you are a frequent off-roader, you should be looking to invest in high-quality LED lights for your Jeeps and truck. On top of its great lighting capacity, it can transform your car into a stylish head-turner.
Shop Off-Road Lighting
From the moment our shop was built, we knew that we only provide the best for our customers. We have tried and tested out the available products in the market, and we’ve found the perfect brand to offer on our site.

The Speed Demon brand is passionate about lights. Since their establishment 10 years ago, off-roaders have considered them as their top-choice. That’s why we’re glad to have partnered with them and feature mainly their top-of-the-line products.

Know what you want? Here is a great selection of their various product lines for work lights, lights bars and driving lights.

Work lights
Straight 6 Work Light (10-20038/10-20039) – $35
927R Round Work Light (10-20010/10-20011) – $35
927S Square Work Light (10-20012/10-20013) – $35
412 Flush Mount (10-20058) – $40
Mini Scene Light (10-20167) – $45
Straight 6 Flush Mount Work Light (10-20050) – $45
4Pack Flush Mount (Flood Beam 10-20032) – $50
2″ Scene Light (Slim Flush Mount 10-20147) – $55
Heated Work Light Pods With Harness (10-20185) – $60
7″ Slim Scene Light Bar (10-20152) – $60
1545 Rectangle Work Light (10-20081) – $60
4″ Slim Scene Light (Flush Mount 10-20148) – $65
Slim Amber Warning Light (SAE Compliant 10-20195) – $65
1442 Round Work Light (10-20022/10-20023) – $65
Light bars
4″ Dual Row Light Bar (DRC4 10-10144/10-10145) – $82
8″ Single Row Light Bar (SRS8 10-10005) – $82
10″ Heated Bar With Harness (10-20184) – $95
6″ Dual Row Light Bar (DRC6 10-10024/10-10036) – $100
14″ Single Row Light Bar (SRS14 10-10006) – $120
High Lux 2.0 (Dual Row 6″ Light Bar 10-10150) – $172
12″ Dual Row Light Bar (DRC12 10-10025/10-10037) – $180
6″ Infinity Light Bar (10-10116) – $200
20″ Single Row Light Bar (SRS 20 10-10007) – $200
12″ Infinity Dual Row Light Bar (10-10117) – $300
32″ Single Row Light Bar (SRS32 10-10009) – $300
31.5″ Single Row Curved Light Bar (SRX31.5 10-10019) – $310
20″ Dual Row Hi-Lux Light Bar (DR HL 20 10-10135) – $330
38″ Single Row Light Bar (SRS 38 10-10010) – $330
38.5″ Single Row Curved Light Bar (SRX38.5 10-10020) – $340
High Lux 2.0 (Dual Row 20″ Light Bar 10-10152) – $340
20″ Curved Dual Row Light Bar (DRCX20 10-10088/10-10078) – $370
20″ Dual Row Hi-Lux Curved Light Bar (DR HLX20 10-10139) – $370
30″ Dual Row Light Bar (DRC 30 10-10027/10-10039) – $370
20″ Dual Row Light Bar DOT/SAE (10-10149) – $370
20″ Infinity Dual Row Light Bar (10-10118) – $410
30″ Dual Row Hi-Lux Light Bar (DR HL 30 10-10136) – $450
Impact 10″ Multi Function Light Bar W/Harness (10-10146) – $460
High Lux 2.0 (Dual Row 30″ Light Bar 10-10153) – $470
40″ Dual Row Light Bar (DRC40 10-10028/10-10040) – $480
Driving lights
DOT/SAE 6″ Marker Lights (10-20192/10-20193/10-20194) – $20
4Pack Driving Light Silver Ops (10-20034/10-20035) – $50
618 Fog Light (10-20003) – $50
Jeep Wrangler Fender Turn Signal (Smoked 10-20174) – $50
Jeep Wrangler Grille Turn Signal (Smoked – Pair 10-20175) – $50
4Pack Driving Light Black Ops (10-20031/10-20030) – $50
4Pack – Flush Mount Black Ops (Flood Beam 10-20036) – $55
618R Flush Mount Light (Flood Beam 10-20161) – $55
618S Flush Mount Flood Light (10-20165) – $55

It’s best to have your off-road lights installed by accessory experts today. Loki Lights is ready to give you the ultimate service and high-quality products. Contact us directly to know more about what we have to offer. There’s only one shop that will cater to all your off-road needs. Explore the rest of our site.