Our own Water proof test, we still use this same light.

Product Reviews from Customers

Two important things keep us going over the years – our love for off-road travels and the great community of drivers and enthusiasts of the great outdoors adventure. We’re proud to say that Loki Lights have become one of the go-to shops for this niche market.

Aussie Locker Reviews

‘If you want to improve your truck’s traction, I definitely recommend this product. It’s great to find something within my budget. It’s simple and easy to install in my F-150. Overall great performance for its price. I’ve been using it for 2 years now, and still working great for my weekend adventures. Reliable, durable and sold at the best value – that’s a winning combo for any driver.’ (Offroader97 posted on August 10, 2019)

‘My old Jeep used to have the EZ-Locker. This one is quite similar but it definitely performs better. I’ve read many reviews on how easy it is to install, and that’s one of the main reasons why I bought it. Have no regrets about buying it. This is a great investment for any off-roaders out there. Now, I’m not afraid or worried about any obstacles. This product has helped me tackle things I never could before.’ (Cobra237 posted on March 3, 2011)

‘My mind was blown with this locker. Having experienced it first-hand, I knew I made the right decision to go with the Aussie locker. I’ve been a long-time follower of the Loki Lights YouTube channel and their recommendations are by far the best out there. Never knew how important lockers were until I had them installed. You should buy this one if you want to improve your off-road driving. It’s worth every dollar.’ (RovinJ14 posted on June 29, 2018)

‘Friends are now jealous of how well I drive easily on difficult trails. Glad I saved up and made a great buy at Loki Lights. They really know their stuff. I’m fairly new to off-road driving and I’m glad I found out about these guys. Their installation videos and product reviews helped me a lot when I was just starting. If you want to buy the best products for your car, they’ve got it.’  (Jeepsailor713 posted on February 9, 2020)

Speed Demon Lights Reviews

‘One of the best and friendliest sellers of Speed Demon products. They’ve helped me pick out the items that I need. Service is top-notch. I recommend that you get your cars outfitted here.’ (Standan90 posted on April 14, 2019)

‘They do offer great selections on Loki Lights. I’m proud to say I’m one of their loyal customers since day one. You won’t regret buying your speed demon lights from their store. It’s a big plus that they offer free shipping anywhere in Canada.’ (Chuckvanbc789 posted on September 23, 2017)

‘My Jeep’s looking epic thanks to the team at Loki Lights. Can’t believe how fast their service is. If you’re ever looking for the best accessories for your car, hit them up.’ (Asterious54 posted on January 12, 2020)